Good Experience Return (GER) Averages 20% Since Inception

Protection for Employees — Profit for You

The Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA), in concert with QBE Aviation, is proud to introduce a member benefit that lets your Workers Compensation Program work harder. The IFBOA Workers Compensation Safety Group Program makes it possible to:

  • Enjoy an annual return on your insurance payment via the GER
  • Save money with a highly competitive rate
  • Share in the profitability of the IFBOA group-purchasing power

How It Works

As a participant in this Program, you and other participating IFBOA members each pay an affordable annual premium for your workers compensation coverage. At the end of the year, after the insurance company has paid their overhead and any claims, all of the remaining money is paid back to the group -- including you.

Though payments cannot be guaranteed, we're confident you'll like the odds of adding these funds to your operating profit each year. And even if the group experiences unusually adverse losses, you'll never pay more than your policy premium.

View the press release regarding 2018's $6.6 million in GER.

Backed by the Best — QBE

To maximize the stability and profitability of this program, IFBOA contracted with member insurance companies of global insurer QBE Aviation.
In addition to having the financial strength to insure any size exposure, their staff has the aviation expertise and experience to employ consistently
sound underwriting practices. This ensures an exceptional insurance value you can count on.

To Your Success

A key tenant of IFBOA's mission is to increase the profitability of independent FBOs and general aviation businesses like yours, by offering the
resources and buying power to operate more effectively. The IFBOA Workers Compensation Safety Group Program is a perfect extension of that philosophy. 

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This Program is administered by AP Aerospace Programs on behalf of NATA and IFBOA.

While the program is available in most states, it cannot be written in the Workers Compensation monopolistic states of
North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. Participation in the program is also subject to underwriting acceptability.