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Issue 2, Volume 1


NATA Announces Strategic Relationship with IFBOA

NATA and the Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA) will announce today a strategic long-term relationship in our efforts to better serve general aviation businesses. This relationship will provide expanded benefits to general aviation businesses of all sizes and will provide a stronger voice for industry before federal and state legislators and regulators.



Request for Proposals for new FBO

Cleveland Regional Jetport (KRZR)
Cleveland, TN

The Cleveland Municipal Airport Authority solicits statement of qualifications from experienced and qualified businesses or individuals who would potentially be interested participating in presenting proposals to offer any of the following operations at the Cleveland, TN Regional Jetport:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Operator
    To provide aircraft airframe and power plant maintenance as defined in 14 CFR Part 43 for aircraft owned, leased or operated by others than the Maintenance Operator. Services include sales of parts and accessories.
  • Aircraft Avionics Maintenance Operator
    To provide aircraft avionics maintenance as defined in 14 CFR Part 43 for aircraft owned, leased or operated by others than the Maintenance Operator. Services include sales of parts and accessories
  • Aircraft Flight Training Operator
    To provide commercial operations engaged in flight instruction to the general public including related ground school instruction as required for completion of written and flight examinations for obtaining pilots’ licenses and ratings. Flight training operations are to be conducted in accordance with 14 CFR Parts 91 and/or 141.
  • Airport Fixed Base Operator
    Engaged in the sale of products, services and facilities to aircraft operators including aviation fuels, ground services and support, tie-downs, hangars, parking.
  • Aircraft Charter Operator
    Commercial operator to provide on-demand carriage of persons and/or property as defined in 14 CFR Part 135 or 14 CFR Part 125.
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Aero-mark LLC


Aero-mark MRO LLC dba AMRO, is an aircraft component repair, overall, and maintenance facility in Fairhope, AL. In the greater Baldwin and Mobile counties of southern Alabama, the aerospace industry is growing at a very rapid rate. Airbus is currently constructing a manufacturing facility at Brookley Field to assemble the new A330 Airbus plane.

AMRO provides a specialist service whereby we take essential components and perform repairs or required scheduled maintenance on these components so that they meet FAA standards for re-fit to commercial and private aircraft. AMRO also offers and provides testing facilities for hydraulic and pneumatic components and we have the testing stands to simulate atmospheric conditions to 40,000 feet.

Aero-mark has over 40 years� experience in the acquisition, development and management of companies. For the past 25 years it has specialized in the aerospace industry through investments in manufacturing, design, maintenance, repair and overhaul. Aero-mark brings resources in capital, management, contacts and strategic direction to the companies that it acquires. This has allowed companies to become substantially larger organizations and attractive acquisition candidates for larger companies.

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