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Issue 2, Volume 1


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Strat Aero International

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Strat Aero consultants have served thousands of businesses in and out of the aviation industry. This broad experience in every phase of management and operations can be constructively leveraged to help you attain and surpass your specific business objectives!

Strat-Aero offers a highly skilled group of talented senior consultants from aviation, business and finance sectors who combine to bring a total compliment of management services to you.

Our consultants are strategically focused on your specific business needs and development in the broadest sense. We will assist you in identify your business’s turbulent areas while clearly identifying practices which will enhance your operation’s financial results. Strat Aero offers consulting services for every aspect of your business needs, allowing you to more effectively position yourself for success

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Request for Expressions of Interest to Operate the Newport Municipal Airport

City of Newport, Oregon

The City of Newport, Oregon is seeking Expressions of Interest from potential vendors to evaluate the possible operation of the Newport Municipal Airport through a contractor/concession agreement with the City of Newport. The contractual/concession operations may include all general maintenance activities, fixed base operations, and customer services and development services at the airport. The City of Newport would provide oversight for all construction activities at the airport. To view the complete Request for Expressions of Interest, visit the city’s website at www.newportoregon.gov.

The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest is noon on Wednesday, February 4, 2015. For additional information, contact Spencer Nebel, City Manager, at s.nebel@newportoregon.gov or by telephone at 541.574.0603.


“Alaska Air Carriers Association is proud to be a member of IFBOA and participate in its workers compensation program. We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities IFBOA offers, and we look forward to years of work together as we make aviation safer, protect financial viability, and support member needs,” - AACA Executive Director Joy Journeay.


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