Washington, DC, January 7, 2019 – The National Air Transportation Association (NATA), Independent Fixed Base Operators Association (IFBOA), and QBE Aviation of QBE Holdings, Inc. are pleased to announce a Good Experience Return (GER) of 26% for the close of 2017, totaling approximately $6.6 million in returns. To date, over $15 million in GER have been earned by program participants.

“On behalf of QBE, we are thrilled to announce the agreement of a five-year extension to underwrite the NATA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program. Key program components are safety and returns, which currently average 21% in GER. We are once again proud to announce the closing of another successful year,” stated Steve Allen, QBE’s Senior Vice President, Head of Aviation.

“Thanks to the strategic relationship with IFBOA, this program has been available to members of IFBOA since 2011 and NATA members since late 2015,” noted Timothy R. Obitts, Chief Operating Officer of NATA. He added, “The dedication to safety is instrumental to the continued success of this member benefit and we are delighted to provide them with their tangible year-end returns.”

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Brokers can contact a QBE Aviation Workers’ Compensation underwriter to receive a quote:

Brian Neal, Vice President, Head of Aviation Workers’ Compensation, QBE at 770-548-3044 or Brian.Neal@us.qbe.com.

Michael Lumpkin, AVP – Lead Underwriter, QBE at 770-794-6423 or Michael.Lumpkin@us.qbe.com.

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Carissa Lampkin, Associate Underwriter, QBE at 770-794-6424 or Carissa.Lampkin@us.qbe.com.